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Month: October 2014

The Forgiveness Detox (a short but detailed list)

The forgiveness detox will continuously push the poop out of you until you’re fully clean. I needn’t get graphic here; however, I have to say, when you start forgiving, God will bring to your remembrance some stuff you’d forgotten about completely–old wounds and injuries, scars and even keloids. You begin to feel and the stuff you’ve carried for years, even stuff you’ve forgotten you carried, moving its way through your spirit. When I do my detox through juicing, I make sure that I’m always near a bathroom. Likewise, stay close to God as you go through your forgiveness detox. He can sooth your heart as it empties itself of all the spiritual excrement of unforgiveness. Trust me, those moments will keep coming and you will keep emptying yourself of the unhealthy grudges that have slowed down your walk and drained you of your energy. You’ll look back and see some unsightly, smelly, pieces of toxic burdens you’ve carried, but once they are released you will feel better.


Clear the Funk Out!

Satan uses the weapons of offense to build up negative mental strongholds that prevent God’s greatest blessings from entering our lives. God brings the spouse you have prayed for into your life, but you can’t receive it because Marcus dogged you out! God brings you a true friend to enhance your journey, but you think all females are trifling because an ex-girlfriend betrayed your trust. In order to disinfect these detrimental thought processes, we must employ the Word of God in our thoughts and out of our mouths. Thinking the correct thoughts about your offender is disinfecting your heart, and blessing the offender is cultivating a pleasant aroma throughout the rooms of your heart.

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I too use the F-Word. Freely. At Work.

Have you ever had a leader at work call you by someone else’s name and was convinced you were that “someone else” just because the two of you were the same color? Ever had someone at work tell you they have friends that looked like you, but always wanted to know how you could tell you were really clean since you’re always a darker color? Ever had someone at work tell you that you didn’t get a position because, you simply weren’t “like” everyone else? Believe it or not, what’s important to me and those I coach is first, the need to forgive that person, then move forward. Don’t let the situation or the person who hurt you control your feelings and your professional growth. Yeah. Yeah. You knew I’d say that right?