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Month: September 2014

Forgiveness Fitness

After you make the decision to lose the weight of unforgiveness, just know your workout will not yield a pain free process. Just know the first day may be okay, but day 2, 3, 4 may be a little more intense. Day 5 comes and the soreness dissipates–some, because you continued to workout your forgiveness by relating to the offender with a forgiving heart. The days ahead get much easier, as you become accustomed to your new forgiveness behaviors.


Angry, USA

The bad things we hear about in our neighborhoods, schools, streets, communicates, cities, states and nation put us on guard against each other. We trust no one and second guess everyone else. Everybody is the enemy and is out to make our lives miserable. A culture of fear has been created and we operate in it as our norm. But as believers, we are not of this world and are thus admonished NOT to own the spirit of fear manufactured by the world. But how do we do that?


Using the F-Word: Notes on Flagrant Forgiveness

I know the two words (flagrant, forgive) are in direct conflict with each other, but when I think about the way I forgave in the past, I’d have to say, I kind of threw the word out there–not caring where it landed. However, my being so haphazard about forgiveness, caused the receiver to believe I would behave a certain way (in a forgiving way), only to find out I was even more offensive after I said, “I forgive you,” than I was when I first discovered the offense. I forgave with conditions. There was a hidden fee I charged you along with my forgiveness, and I was bound and determined to make the offender pay. Dearly. The Friday Forgiveness blogs will help us NOT to do what I used to do. And yes, it’s gonna get juicy! It’s gonna convict! You may take some spiritual cuts and punches to the gut, but you gotta stay linked to the blog, and pass it on to others, so that we can spread the love around the world.

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