Photo on 1-15-17 at 8.00 AM #3I’ve taught creative writing, composition, literature, public speaking and African and African American Studies in Memphis, TN for the past 12 years.  All the while, I’ve amassed a decent pile of all kinds of writing:  poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction.  Some have been published by traditional publications while others were self published.  Most are waiting patiently in brightly colored notebooks under my bed.

As far back as I can remember, I have been a lover of words.  I first fell in love at three years old.  From that point on, I was committed to reading whenever I found the time, wherever I found the space, and whatever I found available.

The writing came later.  By middle school, I’d published my first poem.  Throughout high school I wrote very bad poetry.  By college, I’d dismissed the art of writing as a passing fling and rebounded with computer programming and engineering projects.  In graduate school, I decided to yield to the call of the pen.  By the time I’d obtained my MFA in Creative Nonfiction from the University of Memphis, I’d published a few pieces of nonfiction in literary journals across the country.

Since that time, I’ve collaborated and edited a 7-woman collection of essays, self-published a 40-day devotional, co-authored two trilogies (or six novellas).  At present, I’m toying with a fantastical chap book; finishing up a textbook, working on a Christian non-fiction book, and getting back into the swing of submitting creative nonfiction.  Somewhere, I found time to administrate a blog, get married, have some babies, perform some spoken word, teach a few classes, and make a few feeble speaking appearances.

Presently, I serve as Vice President of Student Affairs at the Memphis College of Urban Theological Studies.  In that role, I am still given multiple opportunities to teach what I’ve always loved, writing.  In this way, writing remains a very present part of my life, whether by instruction or action.  It is my salvation, my release, my vacation, my laughter, my friend, enemy, and constant companion.