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The Church Chronicles of Iris and Locke is a rollicking collection of novellas written in collaboration with Dr. Cicely T. Wilson. We use the pennames Hazel Lindey (Cicely) and Rosee Garfield (DiAnne). The writing is full of hilarity, speculation, and inspiration from our experiences in living in small towns and attending churches (large, small and in-between) all of our lives.

The Jackie Black Trilogy: Welcome to the fictional town of Sweet Fields, Georgia, where the air has never been sweeter, especially now, since the young and beautiful double heiress, Iris Murphy, has returned to revitalize her grandmother’s home. Belle Lynne Locke, Sweet Fields’ recently widowed sharp-tongued patron, has also reinserted herself into the Sweet Fields community, where she supports the city and its offbeat inhabitants behind a cloud of endless sanitizer and tins of gourmet teacakes. Both women connect at the town’s heart, where everyone who’s anyone congregates, St Andrew Baptist Church. From the porches of a fictional town in Georgia, the reader is given a unique opportunity to join the idyllic town of Sweet Fields, a community that’s not afraid to share its tragedies and triumphs. The trilogy allows readers to witness the antics of one over-the-top interpretive dancer, Jacqueline O’Shelle Black, and her desperate quest for acceptance and true love.  Eventually, Jackie must match wits with two unlikely friends. As the sweetness of Sweet Fields becomes tart, Iris and Locke work together to stay one step ahead of Jackie Black, who is determined to force herself into the delicate fabric of Sweet Fields and St. Andrew Church. But will one step ahead be enough to keep the fabric from ripping?

The Spring Fever Trilogy: What do you get when you mix wild-eyed lust, a loaded shotgun, and a passel of weddings? You get a trip to Sweet Fields, of course. Spring has sprung, and Sweet Fields is a heady blend of middle-aged makeovers, fresh romances, messy morticians, and deadly secrets. While love blooms, mischief takes root and tries to tear the quiet town apart with vows of vengeance and the blackest of blackmails, all with a touch of root(less) working. Brew your tea, grab your hanky, and come on back to Sweet Fields for the Second Trilogy of the Church Chronicles of Iris and Locke, Spring Fever.

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