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With only a word count as direction, 7 women wrote personal essays on a group of words: HER, SHOES, IMAGE, ANGER, HIM, HELP, SEXY. Each word represents a colorful thread, each essay an intricate fabric. A beautiful quilt unfolds, depicting episodes from each author’s life. The collection covers how women of faith maneuver through life’s heartbreaks and hilarities on a road leading towards truth and grace. They hope you enjoy the journey and find yourself reflected in their distinct voices. This sisterhood of writers is a tenderly designed tapestry. You are invited to be blanketed in the brave vulnerability they display. Brew some tea, grab your tissues, and prepare to cry, laugh, and bond with women you’ll want to meet for a long lunch or an afternoon at your local coffee shop. Allow the quilt of many colors, textures, and patterns to envelop you in its warmth and dazzle you with its singular beauty. It happened to them. It will happen to you.

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