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Ann Wallace, is an actress, writer, wife, mother, entrepreneur, a phenomenal woman beyond measure, and a truly dear friend of mine.  She is one who pours herself completely into every single thing she does.  I believe this is why she has embarked upon such a wonderful endeavor, a one woman show (written by her) in the personage of Zora Neale Hurston.  She focuses the theme of her show on Hurston’s mantra (which was spoken by her mother), to “Live Rich and Die Poor.”

In an effort to capture the essence of what it means for a woman who “does not weep for the world, because she is too busy sharpening her oyster knife,” she is developing many “one-off” presentations on the theme.  The first offering is a panel discussion moderated by yours truly to unpack what it means to leave nothing on the table and inspire women to live their lives sensually and seductively, where they plow through life with a determination to live without regrets and without “shoulda, woulda, couldas.”  Join me, Ann, and a force of women to talk about what it means to “Live Rich and Die Poor!”


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Jamey Hatley, Virginia Reed Murphy, Rosalyn R. Ross, and Dr. Zandria F. Robinson represent a collective of entrepreneurs, writers, artists, academicians, drama therapists, and organizers whose strong wills have paved the way for truth and vulnerability. Join them as they engage in a discussion about sexuality, yearnings, dreams, and fears. In a panel discussion moderated by DiAnne Malone, the women will share how the recognition of bravery through frailty produces a seductive blend which compels them to decidedly, joyfully, and unregretfully empty all of who they are into the world and people around them. Listen. Engage. Set intentions. Commit to living rich and dying poor.

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