DiAnne_2_zps5405auv9I’m glad you made it to my corner of the inter-rooms, and I hope you find a comfortable space here to get to know me.

I am DiAnne Malone.  You see the marquee up there.  It’s true.  I function as a writer, a professor, a speaker, and a blogger.  I can now add to my list of functions, administrator.  Since November of 2017, I’ve served Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies as Vice President of Student Affairs.  Big switch; I know.  One day I’ll tell you the story.

With the addition of the new function, I’m finding it a good challenge to brand myself.  What am I really?  My truth:  Every experience I’ve had (whether formally or informally) feeds into who I am as writer and educator.  One way or another, I pour all that I am into those two functions.  Hand in hand they go.  I educate through writing and become educated through the writings of others.

However it shakes out, this site is an attempt to, as much as possible, control…no…shape my own narrative.  Yes, that is what I mean to do, to shape my narrative; for a narrative, even in writing an essay or novel, poem or short story is impossible to control.  It can and will run away with itself, but when it comes back, (the narrative, that is) it can be shaped, and that is what I’m always doing–shaping the stories that form around me.

This is what my writing, speaking, teaching, and blogging try to do as well.  As I think about it, I believe my executive leadership role does much of the same–it works toward serving to bring shape to things–not always solve the problems, but help things make more sense.  With intention, I attempt to bring ordinary occurrences, familiar stories, universal experiences into shape on the page.  Mold narratives into something in which you will have a remote interest.

As you click around this sparse area, I hope you feel compelled to follow me as I continue to place words around the unpredictable journey of my life.  I look forward to hearing from you, should you find my expertise essential to your needs.  I’m only an email away.

DiAnne L. Malone